Human Mercenary Avatar (Female)

What she needs is the proper avatar for these armor types...
And not just proper, but awesome too!

If you think chainmail or splintmail armors are cool, wait till you install this mod! Once you get a taste of it, you can never play BG/IWD without it ever again. That's how awesome this avatar is!

Sentrizeal's Human Mercenary Avatar (Female)

This project is completed. Please refer to the download links below.

Female Human Mercenary High Spirited

Current Version: 1.1
Compatible with:   BG2:SoA  BG2:ToB  BGT  BG:EE  BG2:EE  IWD  IWD:HoW  IWD2  IWD:EE


Download it from Sentrizeal's Alternate Avatar Pack ~ WeiDU installation
Download Human Mercenary Avatar (Female) ~ Files only, manual install (1.3MB)