My name is Lionel, and I hail from Borneo Sabah. I LOVE playing the Infinity Engine games. I believe the avatars in these games can still be improved further, or changed based on what we already have. Adding capes, cloaks or hoods are possible, or even making entirely new avatars.

I made this website because there are not many graphical modders out there for these great games, so I decided to contribute my skills and time as well. This site will help me organize my mods, but most importantly, to share them to you. With this site, I'll make sure you get everything. You won't lose track of my modding history here.

My goal in this niche is to fix, and to make as many alternates as I can to the things that we always seem to can't get enough of making better, the things that we the players perceive 90% of the time in our entire play-through: the avatars.

So if you haven't seen my mods yet, please go check them out. There are only a few at this moment, but they're awesome! And more are coming. I promise. :-)